October 18, 2021 davunit8library

Read, Read and Read – To Make Your Knowledge Horizon Clear.

Mrs.  Kalpana Ghose

A school library is “an active force in the educative process’’.

Our Aim
> To help the child acquire ‘’Reading Habit’’ and self-study habit.
> To develop in pupils the ability to learn from books without a teacher.
> To give civic & social training in observance of democratic principles.
> To supply teachers with materials needed in the teaching work and for their own professional growth.
> To serve as a stepping stone for the use of all public library resources.
> To create a lifelong liking and reading habit for new knowledge.
> To help an individual to realize the full potentialities of his personality.
> To contribute to the fulfilment of the educational aim of the school.
> To act as a catalyst – READER & THE READ.

Mrs.  Kalpana Ghose

former-Librarian, D.A.V Public School, Unit VIII, Bhubaneswar.