April 22, 2017
April 22, 2017 davunit8library


Oh! When you first came

In the school, you won fame

Oh! When I first saw you

You were the angel, caught in blue.


Oh! Your diamond smile

That makes me lose myself a while

Oh! Your glittering eyes

Seem like spark flies.


Oh! Your presence in the class

Attracted around a huge mass

Oh! I didn’t like them around

But still, you weren’t that proud.


Oh! You didn’t eat your lunch

Saying, “I had a heavy brunch”

Oh! You gave away your tiffin

To the poor ones needing it.


Oh! You were so simple

Who had a cute dimple

Oh! You always distracted my attention

No, I wait for you to mention.


Oh! Your golden hair

At which everyone stares

Oh! You were so fair skinned

That always kept me ruined.


Oh! I kept watching

In the mirror, above the basin

Oh! Am I not beautiful?

I said this always, being a fool.


Oh! God! This jealousy

That made me proud wrongly

Oh! God! This jealousy

That was the height of insanity.


Oh! I planned to make you fall

Because now you stood so tall

Oh! I said all rubbish

To the teacher, being so foolish.


Oh! The teacher yelled at you

But you were silent though

Oh! Dear, she suspended you

But you were silent…


Oh! That reflected the beauty in you

Knowing you did nothing

Oh! It was your richness,

And my dirty jealousy…a menace…


Oh! You were still happy

And I was being shabby

Oh! You didn’t even know the matter

But told me, “Meet you later”.


Oh! Some days after

Neither cries nor laughter

Oh! There was nothing on my face

And it was a blank space.


Oh! Now I realized you

The greatness in you

Oh! You were so great

The one I’ve ever met.


Oh! I didn’t have the guts

To confess to you the truth

Oh! I destroyed your career

Oh! I am sorry, my dear.


Oh! Every day I repent

For the mistake, I had not meant

Oh! Every day I punish myself

I even destroyed myself.


Oh! I know, you’d have forgotten this

Jealousy, that was a bad piece

Oh! I know you won’t remember

This dirty number.


Oh! After so many years

I still shed tears

Oh! I declare I am sorry

As of now, it’s not a matter to worry.


Oh! Now I fall asleep

Going into a deep sleep

Oh! I close my diary

And still say I am sorry.







– Akankshya Mohapatra




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